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Hydraulic Breaker

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  • Technology stability : 6 patents registered and 2 patents are under submission
  • Proven Technology by Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials org(state institution) currently co-projected with KIMM(Korea Institute of Machinery &Materials)
    - CE Mark(Conformite European), ISO 9001, TUV(Certificated by German)
  • The strong market share of breaker industry in Korea(30%)
  • The wide global net work partnership ( 28 global partners in 24countries)
  • The china corporation of jisung was established in 2003

Product Information

  • Ranges from 70kg-4.0 ton in the weight of breakers
  • Oil/gas principle (hydraulic)
  • Both valve inward/valve outward type avaliable
  • Easy maintenance and installation
  • Low noise and vibration
  • 58 kinds of models available


  • Easy operation/fitting
  • Strong durability
  • Maximum efficiency
  • High performance
  • Proven technology